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Pdfcpu Commands For Manipulating Pdf Files

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Download and extract pdfcpu.

Copy the pdfcpu binary somewhere in your PATH.


Extract a range into separate PDFs per page

pdfcpu extract -mode page -pages 3-4 my-file.pdf" .

Extract a range into a single PDF

pdfcpu collect -pages 3,4 "my-file.pdf" pages3-4.pdf

Create a “2-up” PDF (two pages side by side) in landscape orientation

pdfcpu nup 'formsize:LetterL' 2up.pdf 2 'my-file.pdf"

Rotate all pages 90 degrees clockwise

pdfcpu rotate 'my-file.pdf' 90 'my-file-rotated.pdf'

Rotate counter-clockwise

pdfcpu rotate 'my-file.pdf' -90 'my-file-rotated.pdf'

Rotate a single page within all pages

pdfcpu rotate -pages 1 'my-file.pdf' 90 'my-file-rotated.pdf'


PdfCpu documentation


Qpdf also has options for rotation.


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