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Paul Saletan

Mostly about software


Install Umami Analytics Proxied By Caddy
utilities sysadmin
Umami is a simplified web analytics dashboard that can display stats in real time.
Stop Caddy From Repeating Basic Authentication Popup
server apps webserver
Problem # I configured Caddy to do Basic Authentication before reverse proxying to another machine.
Whisper CPP Voice Transcription
utilities sysadmin multimedia transcoding
What It Does # Want to transcribe some voice recordings quickly, without uploading them to a third-party service?
Resize Proxmox KVM Guest Virtual Disk Partition
virtualization sysadmin
Problem # Resizing a KVM linux guest virtual disk involves two steps: (1) resizing the disk on the host system; followed by (2) extending the partition on the guest to use all of the newly allocated space.
Ansible Cmdb Host Data Collection
utilities sysadmin
ansible-cmdb makes it simple to collect summary data about all the machines on your home network.
Configure Browser To Trust Caddy Internal Tls Certificates
server apps webserver
Problem # The Caddy web server can auto-generate locally trusted internal TLS certificates.
Print CSV Files To PDF With Weasyprint
utilities development pdf python css
CSV file converted to PDF, with variable column widths and footers Printing a CSV file as a nicely formatted table is easy if you import it first into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
Install Gallium OS on a Chromebook
operating system hardware desktop distro
The GalliumOS desktop on a 1366x768 screen Chromebooks come pre-installed with Google’s proprietary operating system.
Export All Your Asana Tasks
coding task management development python saas
Asana is a great task manager for individuals and teams.